We're Open!

Our first week open and we’re super excited to finally meet the players and families of Orange Park and Middleburg. We want to build momentum for a planned Grand Opening, when we’ll finally reveal some of our Secret Plans and all the “opening stumbles” have been ironed out. Yes we are open for business and have gamers in our game room, but we want to offer more to our players. With all the excitement and running around making sure we could open on time, I haven’t had time to update the website or blog….until now!

Like so many others, we’re excited for the new Mad Mage campaign for D&D and are one of the stores affected by the shortage mentioned by Wizards of the Coast recently in their Twitter. We are expecting to receive our shipments by November 20th.

While there are a few more segments we want to add, we’ve updated our Events to list our known weekly events so folks can see what we’re planning on playing and join in. Most nights have some form of table top RPG (mostly DND and Pathfinder right now, but other games are being planned as well) and a few nights (Tuesdays and Sundays), we’ll be highlighting board games and miniatures.

A few things we’re planning on adding- Who We Are, which will simply have bios for Doug and I, our Monthly Picks, where we’ll highlight games we’re enjoying along with our Game of the Month, and a Resident Dungeon Masters list, which will have short bios of those Dungeon Masters and Storytellers who regularly run games (and want their games listed on our website).

As for our Secret Plans, well, those have to remain secret…for now.