February, the Month of Love

We’ve done it! We’ve been open for 4 months and held our first Warhammer 40k tournament! Our race is finished, but our journey is not.

As a neighborhood game store, we strive every day to make sure that our game room is comfortable and welcoming for all our guests. We’ll still be tweaking things around the store to make sure things are perfect, and as any perfectionist knows, that means we’ll always be a “work in progress.” As such, we welcome suggestions from our guests on products, events, games to play, and even layout.

We’ve received a warm welcome in Orange Park and I think we’ve made all who’ve visited feel welcome in return. When it’s cold or dreary we want you to stop by and join us in a game to lighten up your day. If you have a game but not enough players, we’ll play with you. We love trying out new games. Our Monthly Picks are so hard because we see so many games and choosing just five is nearly impossible because I want to tell you about all of them.

This month was especially hard. Love Letter or Victorian Mastermind? Victorian Mastermind is a new game that we haven’t had time to play very much, having released while we were ramping up for our first tournament. But Love Letter is thematically appropriate for the month of love. It’s a quick game made up of several rounds, all aimed at getting your love letter to the grieving princess via intermediaries. The fast play and light price ($9.99 for the basic set) made it the winner for this month. Will you win the heart of the princess or is she in another castle? Stop by and find out!

With love (or at least Love Letter),