Fallen Star, Fallen Heroes Event!

For the rest of the week, we’re going to be hosting a D&D Event with our new Fallen Star Ship model from WizKidz!

Can your hero survive the Kraken?


In your bunk aboard the Sloop John B, you are awakened by the harsh clanging of the alarm bell. Screams fill your ears as you roll out of your bunk. You run out of the cabin onto the deck and see….

A horror from the deeps, the terror of sailors the world over, teeth like daggers, tentacles crashing like cannon balls to the deck, it’s eyes glowing with malevolence and hunger….

the Kraken, the terror of the deep.

Your blood runs cold as you lay eyes on the monster. You hear the screams of your captain, the cries of your crew as they run to their positions, readying the cannons below and your fellow adventurers make a line, a flickering line on the rain soaked deck, a silent vow that the Terror of the Deeps will not pass, will not take this ship or its crew below, to depths unknown and horrors too terrible for the mortal mind. You take up your weapon and stand with them, pushing away the terror and turn to the face of your fear.

How long will you survive?

Our tournament will be scored by how long your character survives battling the Kraken combined with how much damage you do per party. There is no cost to enter and prizes will be awarded on Wednesday of next week (02/20/2019).

For the Individual Player, prizes will be 3rd place- a figurine of your choice from our selection, 2nd place- a character portfolio of your choice (though not one of Karianne’s Creations), and 1st place will be a D&D Icons of the Realms booster pack of your choice.

For the Party prizes, magic items will be awarded to the players of characters that play in our weekly games. 3rd place will be an uncommon item, 2nd a rare item, and 1st a wondrous item (No ring of wishes or cards from The Deck of Many Things). Players who don’t normally join our adventures will still get the items, but it will be up to their normal DM if they are allowed to keep them (or you could join our campaigns and you’re assured to keep the item).


  1. Characters will be made in store, at 5th level, using all source material (no Unearthed Arcana).

  2. Games will be ran every night that we have at least 4 players. If a player is in more than 1 party, the scores for their first campaign will be used to determine Individual standing and they will only be eligible for their first party’s rewards in the Party prizes.

  3. Please don’t bring outside food or drink (chips and sodas) unless it is something we don’t carry or you have special dietary needs.

  4. You may use your own miniature as long as it has no more than 35 mm base. All doors, portholes and deck clearances are considered as cannon for this campaign. If you can’t fit in the door, you can’t go below deck.