Munchkin Madness!

For the month of March, we’re breaking out the Munchkin!

This fast paced card slinger comes from Steve Jackson Games, one of my favorite publishers. Originally published in 2001 as a spoof on both card games and the power gamers who’d otherwise be called “Min/Maxers,” Munchkin has kept up with the gaming world through (seemingly) endless expansions. The humor and illustrations through the series is appropriate for high schoolers and higher.

Learning the game is quick, set up is quicker. A good game with expansions and a group of four can take as much as an hour or as little as 30 minutes. Each player takes on the persona of a Munchkin- in the base game, the archetypes of the common dungeon delvers: the thief, wizard, warrior, and cleric. Game play is focused on leveling up by killing monsters and messing with other players.


For March Munchkin Madness, we’ve got all the expansions we could get our hands on, including the new Munchkin: Warhammer 40,000 and some exclusive cards for those who come in and buy from us (while supplies last).

With the massive number of expansions, Munchkin has something for every player, from Wonderland the board game to Red Dragon Inn.

Come join us in our Munchkin Madness!