April is the Cruelest Month

So we were talking about what we wanted to highlight in April and we looked up “important things that happened in April.” We were horrified by how many bad things have happened in the Aprils of the past. This month has certainly earned the nickname “Cruelest Month.”

April is also the Month of the Military Child. Since so many of the events of Aprils past are things we cannot jive with honoring our service members and their families, we’ve decided to celebrate the games which focus on having fun at the end of the world. Join us for April Apocalypse!


These games might not deal with the emotional impact felt by military families, but they are ones that can bring the family together.


Whether your child needs to be the hero of Earth, saving humanity from the unspeakable horrors in Don’t Mess with Cthulhu and Monsterpocalypse, a final survivor in Last Night on Earth, work through eldritch mysteries in Betrayal at House on the Hill, exercise some superior strategy in Axis & Allies & Zombies, or just work through some frustration in a supportive environment with family and friends in Munchkin, we have the games that can help!

We already know that children learn through play. We learn how to process our emotions, how to handle social situations and expectations, and how to appreciate those in our lives through stories and fantasies. While we might not be therapists, we can help you find the perfect game for your family. Join us on Sundays and Thursdays for Family Game Night, where we demonstrate our games with you!

April might be the cruelest month, but through these games, we can make the April Apocalypse fun for everyone. So why not come by and play a game with us?