Alternating games-

Pathfinder 1.0.

DM: Tim.

This campaign is free form and all in good fun. New character creation should take about half an hour. High levels, low stress campaign. Sometimes we’re in dungeons, sometimes we’re making a zoo.

D&D 3.5/D20 Modern

DM: Meg.

I originally made this campaign for Big Eyes, Small Mouth, but since that is no longer in print and a few folks wanted to try out the world, I’m converting it to fit D20 Modern/D&D 3.5. Set in an original Steampunk world, with a complex history and limited player races, I call this campaign Radial City, based on the main city the player characters inhabit. The world is on the brink of war, the gods are dead, and something is stirring events and trying to destroy the major world powers.

Character creation takes a little over an hour, with a little interview with the DM to ensure basic world knowledge and to go over character backstories. This campaign is character driven, each player character has their own goals and story line.

Characters start out at level 3.


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